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Concert Program Changed
Ladies and Gentlemen
Varvara Ivanova's concert has been cancelled due to illness. Instead, Ilona Tokody (soprano) and Andrea Vigh (harp) will perform on Sunday,
October 5th. The same tickets are valid for this concert or will be reimbursed until 6:00 pm at the box office of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music or before the concert at the Royal Palace in Gödölő on Sunday, October 5th.


e-mail        jakobikoncert@gmail.com


The first Harp Festival took place in 1999 in the beautiful gala hall of the Gödöllő Royal Palace with our aim to make this event traditional. Now I welcome you to the 10th International Harp Festival in Gödöllő on the occasion of performances of excelent harpists from all over the world. Recalling our previous years we are convinced, that we enjoyed concerts of outstanding harpists: Marielle Nordmann, Jana Boušková, Maria Graf, David Watkins, Suzanna Mildonian, Isabelle Moretti, Marie-Pierre Langlamet, Ion Ivan Roncea, Xavier de Maistre, Anna Verkholantseva, Lavinia Meijer, Frederique Cambreling, Anna Sikorzak-Olek, Anneleen Lenaerts, Monika Stadler, Aine Ni Dhubhghaill and Paul Dooley are among the bests in the world. Our Hungarian harpists achieved also a great success on their concerts. This year we also will salute international stars of the world.
A returning guest at the festival are the David Harp Manufacturers, who have their modern instruments on display in the wonderful rooms of the Palace as usual. This year we have also invited the world-famous Salvi and Camac Factories for our exhibition.
I would like to express our thanks to you, our audience, for your abiding interest in and love for the Harp Festival, to the leaders and workers of the Gödöllő Royal Palace for helping us to create this annually returning, collective feast of international music life.
Finally let me thank all those who, with their help and support, have made this festival possible and wish our audience a wonderful and memorable musical experience.

                                                                                                          Andrea Vigh




„In our hectic, noisy world the most essential aim of our festival is to convey to you peaceful relaxation, a cathartic experience which we can keep as a treasure deep in our hearts all our lives. If we manage to achieve this even with as little as a few beautiful sounds, it was worth the effort and we can say we have done the most an artist can consider the goal of his life.”
                                                                                                          Andrea Vigh